History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

1996 - 1998


I have 20 years of Web development experience working in all areas of a Web application’s life cycle as a developer, business analyst, project manager, and web development business owner. I have a minimum of 8 years of development experience (VB.NET [4], C# [2], VBScript/ASP [2]). I also was a professional technical writer prior to working as a Web Developer. 

Throughout my career, I have worked in different Web hosting environments, such as, Amazon virtual servers or Godaddy Windows and Linux servers, as well as, internal or off site company hosting servers.

As an ASP.NET Web Developer, I have created several Web applications (custom user controls, Web pages, MasterPages, site maps, business objects, themes, etc.) with their respective databases, including, tables and T-SQL stored procedures. I'm proactive and have strong problem-solving abilities and documentation/communication skills, and design with sound business processes and standards in mind. I have worked mainly in an Agile development process but I am also familiar with other processes, such as, Scrum.

History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

1998 - 2000

I have worked with key stakeholders from the beginning, gathering business requirements and translating them into the most detailed design and technical specification documents, ensuring customer requirements are met and development time is reduced. I also reduced unnecessary lost time by clarifying the overall Web application objectives based on customer requirements, by providing user interface mockups and sitemaps.

Throughout each phase, in an iterative Agile development process, I continuously communicated with stakeholders and meticulously managed and relayed design changes, and documented and managed application bugs through issue tracking systems, ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget.

I have excellent communication and documentation skills and have used them to create supporting documentation for each project. Such documentation includes technical specifications for front- and back-end development, database schemas, flowcharts, project timelines and milestones, and test plans and test cases.

History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

2000 - 2002

Web Developer

  • Developed full-stack ASP.NET Web applications (Web pages, Master Pages, site maps, style sheets, business objects, custom user controls, Themes, and database with stored procedures)
  • Developed full-stack ASP.NET Ecommerce Web application
  • Converted Classic ASP Web applications to ASP.NET and 1.x ASP.NET applications to 2.0/3.5
  • Fixed bugs and refactored existing code to comply with requirements, best practices, response time
  • Conducted Web application deployments and managed hosting, domain names, and emails
  • Set up and managed CMS websites, including, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Kentico, DotNetNuke, etc. and other off-the-shelf products, such as, Gallery, Mantis and Godaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart
  • Optimized corporate identities and their Web sites to search engines
  • Trained in the development of ASP.NET MVC, Azure Cloud, Bootstrap, jQuery and Android mobile applications; and PayPal Checkout and Payment Integration, and Single Sign-On Implementation

History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

2002 - 2005

Business Analyst

  • Analyzed business requirements and developed strategies for the development of Web applications
  • Researched and leveraged latest Web development technologies into applications
  • Documented design and technical specifications, user interface mockups, sitemaps, site deployment plans, and standards and coding practices
  • Created user acceptance tests and test cases, deployment and impact documents
  • Tested Web applications and managed bugs through issue tracking systems

Project Manager

  • Oversaw development process through project life cycle
  • Managed teams of more than 10 onsite and offshore
  • Interfaced with customers to understand requirements and translated into supporting documentation
  • Conducted daily meetings and documented to ensure application code followed business requirements
  • Created proposals for the development of Web applications

History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

2005 - 2008

Technical Lead

  • As a Technical Lead, I research and leverage the latest Web development technologies into applications.
  • Test Web applications and manage bugs through documentation including deployment and impact documents
  • Conduct and assist in Web application deployments
  • Manage domain names, FTP directories and email accounts working with domain name and web hosting providers

Technical Writer

As a Technical Writer, I’ve written 40-60 technical manuals over a period of over 20 years, including 25 professionally printed manuals describing the hardware and operation of Programmable Limit Switches (PLSs), Linear Displacement Transducers (LTDs), and an advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Other manuals ranged from the description, operation and maintenance of GM and Ford assembly-line plant equipment to technical specification manuals used in the building of ASP.NET Web applications. I also worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency and journalist for several small newspapers.

History - Chronological Order of Personal Websites

2008 - Present
  • Wrote 25 professionally printed PLC, PLS and LDT hardware and operational manuals
  • Wrote GM and Ford assembly line hardware, operational and maintenance manuals
  • Wrote 10+ technical specification manuals for the building of ASP.NET Web applications
  • Wrote various technical articles published in trade magazines and brochures

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Photoshop Image Editing
  • Technical Illustration Design (portfolio upon request)
  • Print Design (brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Various Miscellaneous Utility Tools